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Advertising - For Sale By Owner

REC AD - For Sale By Owner

REC ad - to advertise one property.
(An ad for individuals. REC ad can use legal entities if they own the property)

From 1.03.2022. price for REC ad:
1000 kn (PDV included)

The price listed is for period of 12 months and advertising of 1 property.

(The 30 day trial period applies only to agencies!)



Step 1
Before ordering the service, the advertiser is obliged to register and enter the required information and enter the property, first a description and then pictures of the property, subject to the Terms and Conditions. The recommended image width is 1000 pixels. In this step, the REC ID of the advertiser is generated.

Step 2
To the sales email, the advertiser sends: the advertiser's first and last name, address, OIB and REC ID to receive a quote for the REC ad.

Step 3
Upon payment, the advertiser sends a proof of payment, after which the display of the property is activated.