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REC ID: 739901



1,000,000 €

7,770,000 Kn

Area: 2545 m2
Rooms: 20
Land: 26 m2
Bathrooms: 0
Garage: 0
Transport: -
Sea proximity: -
Level: 1
Elevator: -
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House Oroslavje, 2.545m2

Baroque castle buit in 1770 with a surface area of ​​1,270 m2 with four wings, perimeter of the fence, internal courtyard and Perivoj area of ​​26,235 m2 with Baroque portal, which marks the entrance to the courtyard garden.
During several centuries, the castle has changed several owners, and consists of three wings that make the letter U in the ground. The main northeast wing is larger and the skirt overlaps the smaller and narrow side wings, and the groin and the adjacent side wings close the inner yard. The facade is characterized by late-baroque classicism. The main facade with 11 windows is highlighted by a shallow vault that ends with a triangular gable, and on the ground floor it represents a representative portal. The courtyard facades are simple: with a split wardrobe and simple window box openings. The hallway in the longitudinal axis of the main wing of the castle allowed the construction of rooms on both sides of the corridor. The main motif of the ground floor is the large connecting area that leads to the yard. The staircase leads into a large lobby where it enters the central hall of the 1st floor. The main rooms are oriented to the exterior facades. The interior is characterized by several types of vaults: barrel on the ground floor, the Czech in the hallway and bigger and trough in the rooms on the first floor. The main floor hall on the floor is painted with wall paintings of allegorical content, created at the end of the 18th century. In the illusionist architectonic-figurative composition, within the border painted balustrade and treasured skies, we recognize the Greco-Roman gods and heroes, among which Mercury is also flying. Wall paintings in the other rooms on the floor and in the corridor were built in the 19th century. In the main hall, the last furnace is decorated with floral and fruit vintages. Although today 's perivoj has the character of a landscaped parkland , historical sources warn of the baroque - classical elements of perivojal architecture. The gardens were built at the end of the 18th century: the castle was then approached by an awning 230 m long, and in front of the south facade was a decorative parter garden. Towards the southwest the perivoj is tied to the existing forest. To the left of the entrance hall, and south of the ornamental garden, there was a spacious meadow where the football field is today. By re-designing in 1885, the perivoj expanded and gained the characteristics of landscape-romance perivojal architecture. The floor plan composition also changes, so the baroque ale is adaptable to the modern park concept, which, with minor modifications, is largely preserved to date. The park enters through the lavish and beautiful Baroque portal. In front of the eastern facade of the castle are two baroque stone statues from the 18th century. In addition to numerous conifers and leafworms , domestic and insects from many parts of the world, there are also a number of specially cultivated garden shrubs (grab, beech, ash, sapphire , baroque statues with mythological beings (Flora, goddess of flowers and Satir) an interesting fauna: from 1980 to 1983, it recorded 37 species of birds, whose nests were curved in the park trees. MAIN BUILDING: - ground floor - 10 rooms - floor - 12 rooms, two corridors and 2 halls. stable companion RESIDENCE RESIDENCE. Distance from Zagreb: 25 km, international border crossing with Slovenia - Razvor : 25 km

Intrnal number: 1483

REC ID: 739901


Contact: Angelus Nekretnine
More info: House, OROSLAVJE, 2545m2, 1,000,000 €
RECID: 739901

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