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Verus Villam d.o.o.

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Verus Villam d.o.o.

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Contatto: Ivana Domovic
Indirizzo: Antunovac 15
Città: Zagreb
Telefono 1: +385 91 602 9220
GSM: +385 91 602 9220
Lingue straniere: Engleski, Ruski
Many different clients openly told me that, because of bureaucracy and other obstacles, people feel insecure about investing in Croatia. Moreover, they generally do not have a person of trust, they have been deceived before, etc. Problems connected with loss of time, expenses, nervousness, exhaustion and any other issue can be solved if you cooperate with Verus Villam.
Clients often say that, when they think about investing in Croatia, they do not know whom to entrust the design, supervision, construction and search for a good real estate and whom to entrust the project management.
In such cases, we talk about large multi-million jobs; hence we know that such results do not happen by themselves.
All great achievements begin with small steps. Because we do not know each other, I wonder whether there is a possibility to schedule a short first contact phone call to know each other better and consider the feasibility of our cooperation in Croatia and beyond.

Ivana Domovic

GSM: +385 91 602 9220
Lingue straniere: Engleski, Ruski
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