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REC ID: 515140



150,000 €

1,165,500 Kn

Mjesto: GRADAC
Površina: 284 m2
Broj soba: 8
Pogled: na more
Okućnica: 200 m2
Broj kupaona: 0
Garaža: 0
Blizina transporta: -
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House near the beach in Gradac

House near the beach in Gradac , located around 35 km south from the city of Makarska. The ground floor is completely finished and furnished, while the upper floor and the attic need some work to its completion. The pathway to the main road is asphalted and the beach is only approximately 300 meters away. There are two parking spots available, The residential area of the house counts for 284 square meters and the surrounding area for 200 square meter where the garden is located. Internet and telephone connections are provided and the bus station is close to the house. Eight and more bedrooms available.

Makarska is a tourist resort and a small city, located on coastline of the Adriatic sea of Croatia, around 60 km from Split on one side, to around 140 km away from Dubrovnik on the other side. The whole surrounding region is known as Makarska Riviera, with Makarska always being it's centre. Makarska is also famous as a medical resort for the senior generations.
The shape of the deep sheltered bay reminds of a horse shoe, and the beautiful sea nature is accompanied by the Biokovo mountain rising from the other side, creating a mesmerizing sight to see. This attractive natural setting, good climate and a lot of tourist attractions make it one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Croatian coast.
Makarska has a long waterfront promenade with palm trees, bars and cafes overlooking the harbor, a great place to go for a walk and relax in the shadows while sipping your morning coffee. The streets of the centre of Makarska are narrow and stone-paved, just like most of the old towns in Croatia. In the centre there is a main church square, accompanied with a flower and fruit market, as well as a Franciscan monastery, holding a collection of sea shells.


Kontakt: Luxury Croatia
Upit za nekretninu: Kuća, GRADAC, 284m2, 150,000 €
RECID: 515140

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