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Business premises - Sale - GRAD ZAGREB - ZAGREB - ZAGREB

REC ID: 284329

Business premises - Sale - GRAD ZAGREB - ZAGREB - ZAGREB


5,500,000 €

42,735,000 Kn

Area: 5000 m2
Rooms: 0
Land: 100000 m2
Bathrooms: 0
Garage: -
Transport: +
Sea proximity: -
Number of views:
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A great castle for sale close to Zagreb

This magnificant castle is build on a very extroadinary location, an oasis of peace and intimacy. You will be overwhelmed just to look out of the window from your room and see the zoo. In that commensalisms of nature and romance Your organism stirs itself.
Use our sport facilities: tennis, riding, riding-school, archery-school, volleyball on grass, badminton; hot air balloon flight, play billiard, chess, darts, mow the grass with us, work in a field, hunt for mushrooms, gather food for fawn, plant flowers and trees.
Even in those ancient times, Castle was built in the specially selected area. The balance of positive energy imbues the whole interior, but it is specially manifested in castle's bedrooms, where You can experience high-quality relaxation. We offer you double rooms equipped with authentic old furniture and accessories, single or twin Beds.
The castle was built at the end of the 17th century as a one-storey four-winged building with the court. In the 30-ies of the 19th century it was renovated in the spirit of classicism thus becoming one of the most representative courts in our country. Triangular gables rise in the middle of all fronts in the roof area. A tower clock is above the main front, the memory of old castle towers. Fronts are broken down by pilasters, decorated by altana on the main south-eastern side and loggias on the first floor and open arcades on the ground floor on the south-western side. Court fronts are open by arcades. The castle is the worldwide cultural heritage monument. It is approached through the ash-tree-like maples way 90 m long, developed after 1911. It is not known when the park was established. In 1861 there was a park north-east from the castle. There are two stages in the development of the park. The oldest one corresponds to the time of the castle renewal - the 30-ies of the 19th century. Then, a small park of 1220 m2 developed behind the castle. Today, there are still some trees from that period in it - ginkgo, basswood and buttonballs. The second stage belongs to the period between 1900 and 1911 when the entrance portal was made, hedge was trimmed around the park, spruces were planted along the way and on the area south of the castle a park of 3100 m2 was developed. The retaining stone wall next to the road, south of the castle, existed before 1900.


Contact: Alma Dom - Real Estate, Immobiliare
More info: Business premises, ZAGREB, 5000m2, 5,500,000 €
RECID: 284329

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Alma Dom - Real Estate, Immobiliare

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