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REC ID: 195641



650,000 €

5,050,500 Kn

Area: 86 m2
Rooms: 3
Parking: 0 m2
View: none
Land: 0 m2
Bathrooms: 3
Garage: +
Transport: -
Sea proximity: -
Level: 1
Elevator: +
Number of views:
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Luxury apartment in a Villa in center of the Opatija

Luxury apartment in villa which is built right above the prominent Opatija promenade Lugomare and only 10 meters above the sea.
Apartment has living area 169m2, three bedroom and a living room.
The villa is made from a mixture of classical and modern materials, such as aluminium, glass and exotic wood. The plastering is a so called ventilated plastering, covered with high quality ceramics, which enables exceptional heat and sound insulation.
They are managed remotely in connection with an integrated intelligent building management system.
Access to the apartment is possible through elevators (type Schindler) or inner stairsways.
The stairs are finished with high quality ceramics from manufacturer Imola, the railing is modern and made of tempered glass and stainless steel.
Balcony fences are made of glued tempering glass, which makes them elegant and also very resistant to the moisture and salt in the environment. External access to the luxury villa is restricted and accessible only with the use of a special access card – the entire external area is also under video surveillance.

An installed intelligent home management system enables the simple, safe and energy efficient management of the apartments, based on the principles of an intelligent home.
Since all of the equipment is included in the network infrastructure of the building, monitoring of lightning, ventilation, heating, cooling and video surveillance is possible through the graphical user interface and the installed components can be managed remotely as well.

The intelligent management system enables:
• managing heating and cooling through a room thermostat
• control of heating and cooling for each individual room (remotely and through LCD screen)
• control of access with an access card
• remote control of the main water valve
• remote opening and closing of elevators from the apartment
• switching lights on and off and controlling the intensity of lighting through LCD screen
• managing lighting based on time plan
• switching lights on in the case of security alarm activation
• video surveillance and the videophone enable opening the main gate from the apartment, mobile phone or access card (intelligent key)

The surrounding of the building is designed in indigenous style, which means that the area is planted with Mediterranean plants such as palms, bay trees, olive trees and cypresses.

Paths are paved with paving stone and edged with drywall stone. External fences are made of stainless steel and filled with safety glass or nets, designed in a special Opatija style.

Access to the famous Opatija promenade Lungomare and the sea is possible through two exits.

For enhanced quality of living the villa and their surrounding are carefully directly and indirectly illuminated. Access to the villa is possible only with a special access card. External and garage doors open remotely. At the main entry each apartment has its own videophone.

ID CODE: 300031014-553

Vjeran Jerkić
Prodajni predstavnik
Tel: +385 (0)91 641 3146
Fax: +385 51 499 801


Contact: Remax Centar nekretnina
More info: Flat, OPATIJA, 86m2, 650,000 €
RECID: 195641

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